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Puppets / Stage Acts & Dancers

Our goal is to combine special effects, magic & puppetry to create variety shows for the whole family. We will take you to another world and inspire your imagination.

Cheerleaders & Dancers
You have seem them at the stadium. Now have them at your event.
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to see how to book the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders & the Dallas Desperado Dancers.

Strolling Magicians
Sometimes, instead of a show, you may just need a strolling magician. We also have tons of strolling characters that perform puppets and magic. Just name a character and we probably have it.

Strolling Puppets
We also have a very unique puppet stage. It's a puppet stage that can actually walk around. Any puppet can be put inside the stage, so no matter what your theme, we can have a puppet for it.
Brett studied puppetry at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology under Jim Henson Productions and is a member of the Puppeteers of America.

Magical Mr. Monopoly Man
We also have a very unique stage act for you board game enthusiasts. Yes; it's the magical Mr. Monopoly man. Do not pass GO — do not collect $200 unless you are partying with Mr. Monopoly.


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