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Live Cigar Rollers for Special Events | The Stogie Gals

The Stogie GalsBring the art of Cigar Rolling to your next event with our one and only "Stogie Gals" These lovely and talented ladies will bring to you this dying art of Cigar Rolling and provide great tasting cigars from only premium grade tobacco.

Our beautiful rollers are highly experienced in providing the best atmosphere for your guests to see Cigars being rolled live at your event!! They will not only answer questions about the cigars, but also explain the rolling process as it is actually happening! The Cigars are "Grade 1" Connecticut Shade Broadleaf and the combination in the CF Dominicana filler blend makes our premium Cigars such a pleasure to enjoy!

Live Cigar RollersOf course other brands are available -- just ask! Just when you thought it couldn't get any better, or more rememerable we also offer custom cigar bands with anything from your company logo, to someones picture, or even someone's initials. We can custom create to your party's needs. The "Stogie Gal's" will without a doubt be the most exciting experience you and your guest will never forget!!

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